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Smokin'Ts - #1 Rated Naturally Smoked Sauce

Smokin Ts Salad
Smoked Sauce: Is it a sauce, marinade, or dressing? Yes!
Our "Original" recipe was made as a smoked sauce to be used as a salad dressing. We added habanero to our recipe and "With A Kick" was born. It's not hot sauce but it has the perfect amount of heat. It didn't take long for our customers to begin putting it on everything, they're kinda wacked that way.
Vegan or carnivore, everyone loves it. 
"All great things have small beginnings."
smoked sauce
Where It's Sold
We are growing and expanding outside of Wisconsin. We don't have to pour by hand anymore, thank goodness. We are so grateful for a loyal following of customers and as we grow we won't forget where we came from.
Where It's Made
Smokin' Ts is truly started as an artisan made product. Hand smoking the tomatoes with all natural ingredients. When we started we filled the bottles by hand, literally thousands and thousands bottles and selling it at farmers markets and festivals. Most people who try it, buy it. 

How it's made.

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Hear what our customers have to say.
I put that $*#% on everything!! So freaking good!!! You don’t know it yet but I t you NEED THIS STUFF! Nothing like it! The best ever!
This sauce is awesome ! We love it on grilled shrimp but its great on so many things . Try it!
My new favorite smoked bbq sauce. I love the kick!
Best sauce I’ve had in years! I love the smokey flavor and heat that comes along with this particular bottle is fantastic. I use it on absolutely everything. Looking forward to my other bottle of the original and can guarantee it will be gone as quickly as this one. Highly recommend!
So delicious. Had the “with a kick” sauce last night with A grilled chicken sandwich and again this morning with eggs and sausage. So good! Highly recommend this.
Dicky V.
I just have to say …. FANTASTIC!!! Never had better. We use as a dipping sauce for anything….veggies, crab cakes, fries, chicken, egg rolls,…BUT it’s an amazing sauce for wraps and sub sandwiches. Best ever! Actually, the possibilities are endless. I will be ordering more so we never run out. TRUST ME …. you WON’T be disappointed!!
Jean F.
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Are you looking to offer your customers a sauce that will leave them craving more? Look no further than Smokin' Ts Sauce. Our artisanal sauces are made with high-quality ingredients and a unique blend of spices, creating a flavor explosion in every bite. From the tangy sweetness of our Original sauce to the perfect heat of our With A Kick, we have a flavor to suit every taste bud.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products to our customer service, and we strive to make our partnership with retailers mutually beneficial. We invite you to carry our sauces in your retail store and join us in bringing the taste of Smokin' Ts to more homes and restaurants nationwide.

Smokin'Ts Logo
We love creating an all-natural, one of a kind product that is sure to please the palette of every customer. Enjoy the flavors of a naturally smoked tomato blend, with or without spice, in every Smokin’ Ts bottle.
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